Tap into the Power and Possibility of the 2020 Election Season

Top 10 Ways This Kit Can Help Your Team:

  1. Educate members of your campus community so they’re prepared to handle the nuanced, difficult situations that might arise during the 2020 election season. 
  2. Promote student voting and civic engagement with an emphasis on messages and methods that are appropriate, respectful and inclusive.
  3. Raise awareness proactively during training sessions, programs, in-services and more, while also preparing staff to respond reactively if election-related campus incidents arise.
  4. Engage staff and student leaders with interactive prompts, case studies and activities that reinforce your training and give participants the tools to handle political situations.
  5. Prevent political conversations from turning ugly by proactively training students during programs, classes, leadership workshops and more.
  6. Avoid letting heated political discussions turn into a campus controversy and keep community members safe.
  7. Save time and effort raising awareness by distributing materials in training sessions, new student seminars, student advocacy programs, political science/civics classes, residential communities and more.
  8. Strengthen your campus community by showing students how to engage in open, respectful political discussions.
  9. Train student leaders to make their voices heard in positive, productive ways during campus programs and student advocacy sessions.
  10. Ensure students know the differences between protected and unprotected speech, so they can make informed choices when engaging in free speech and peaceful assembly situations.

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